IT solutions and indie games development company from Lithuania

Who we are

We are a software company, located in Lithuania.

We work with local and foreign business clients for business process optimizations.

We release a couple of systems for business process optimization in retail, logistics, and construction business fields.

With a strong background in technology, we can design and release any type of application from embedded or native operating system application till cloud-based systems.

Mobile business

Designed to integrate and manage the processes between the manufacturers of the goods, suppliers, wholesale trade and trade points.

"Mobile business" excellent tool for the merchandising, distribution or logistics companies.

Process control system for transport and logistics companies

The system for large transport and logistics company, with a large fleet of vehicles. Intended for the following tasks:

  • Vehicles data administration;
  • Vehicles service data management;
  • Manage spare parts for vehicles repair in the warehouse;
  • Manage vehicles service tasks, and tracking their timeframes;
  • Manage the cargo handling processes and documents management.

Process control system for a construction companies

Designed for large construction companies which work on several objects at the same time.

The system helps to supervise and organize the following processes:

  • Optimizing construction materials procurement and distribution for work and warehouses;
  • Monitor construction material used into the work also stored in the warehouse;
  • Manage spare parts for vehicles repair in the warehouse;
  • Manage the movement of the equipment and transport between objects;
  • Manage, control, and monitor the process and timeframes of tasks;
  • Exchange company documents between users.

Krakout challenge

A game which we made, in order, to relax from business processes. At the same time, to get new experiences as indie games developers.

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